Kamis, 19 Juli 2012

Carrying the Olympic Torch… with Diabetes!

Living with diabetes can be a lot to deal with every day, and some of us have joked that navigating our daily D-routines can sometimes feel like an Olympic sport in itself!  The Diabetes Olympics, one might say.

Of course, most of us don’t really have any insight into both living with diabetesand being a part of the actual Olympics. But some fellow PWDs can claim that, and not just the elite athletes striving for medals and record-breaking wins at the world championship level…
This year, at least two dozen fellow D-Community members are carrying the symbolic Olympic Torch as it makes its way to London for the start of the 2012 Summer Olympics, between July 27 and August 12!
As you may know, the Olympic Torch Relay is a ritual tradition in which the “sacred flame” marking the Olympic Games is carried by foot to the host country, transferred from one torchbearer to another. This year’s relay was a 70-day journey to the UK, where 8,000 individuals are transporting the torch through 1,018 villages, cities and towns toward London after its arrival from Greece on May 18. A search of the Torchbearer online profiles shows that 20 teens and adult PWDs are carrying the torch at some point, as well as four others with a personal or professional connection to diabetes.

Health Insurance Exchanges

Health insurance exchanges. That place on the internet where magic happens. Citizens and business owners can view, compare and purchase government designed and priced health insurance plans . . .  all with the click of a mouse.

But it appears some of the states are lagging behind in establishing this new insurance flea market. According to NCSL, only 12 states have established "The Exchange."
Health Insurance Exchanges are, for most states, new entities that will function as a marketplace for buyers of health insurance, giving them choices for health coverage. They will offer a variety of certified health plans and provide information and educational services to help consumers understand their options. The 2010 Affordable Care Act (ACA) gives states the option to establish one or more state or regional exchanges, partner with the federal government to run the exchange, or to merge with other state exchanges. If a state chooses not to create an exchange, the federal government will set up the exchange(s) in the state. 
That last line is the key.

Why spend state money (that they don't have) if the government will do it for them?

Kind of like owning a business . . .

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